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What to order?

Oct 30, 2009 admin Tips 0 comments

I would like to help guide you on whether it is better for you to order the set of products for your child or just the neck ring. Honestly, your child will gain the most from the entire set. The pool has a diameter and a depth that will help your child be upright in the water and learn through his/her movements to paddle & move, which will promote crawling, rolling over, and walking. Of course, children progress at different levels and you know best about your child’s potential and limitations. But the stimulation and support that your child receives from the warm water environment will offer the best potential for the most progress!

That being said, the neck ring is widely used by aquatic therapists around the country and worldwide. Several have reported that they love the handles on top which allow they to move the child in the water w/o holding their body. Parents appreciate the stability the neck ring offers with baths.

So, you are the judge. The pool measures 30 inches across and 30 inches depth. It allows you to offer your child a system of swim therapy in the privacy of your own home at a very affordable price. An added benefit is the non/low chlorine bonus and the ability to adjust the water temperature to your own child’s needs.

If you have more questions, please email me directly at nancy@waterwaybabies.com. Do not hesitate to give your child the best that you can offer today!

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