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Feb 2010 News & Thoughts

Recently, I visited The Anat Baniel Center in San Rafael, California. I went specifically to meet clients who took their son for the first time. I also observed therapy sessions with other infants and children.

Anat studied and trained for years under Dr. Feldenkrais. She uses the foundations of his method and has adapted certain revisions. I am a nurse, not a therapist, and therefore do not endorse any particular therapeutic approach. However, I must say that I was impressed with what was achieved with each child, all different ages and different diagnoses.

I recommend that, if searching for therapies to help your child, you explore the Anat Baniel method. Simply google it.

Movement is important. It stimulates the body and the mind, cognition and the vestibular system. The vestibular system orients us to where we are in space, and without its function, we are helpless. Therapists move a child’s limbs and body, and help the child achieve positioning that cannot be attained otherwise.

Waterwaybabies helps in a different and complimentary way. With gravitational forces removed, a child is free to move his or her own limbs voluntarily. Sometimes the movements are subtle, especially at first, but all movement is beneficial. And voluntary movement is crucial in two ways. First, as a stimulant to the vestibular system as well as neuro-pathways that connect the muscles and brain. Secondly, and uniquely, the child gains confidence and a sense of independence through self-movement in the warm water. This latter aspect means everything to a human being – child and (observing) parent alike.

Remember to explore and use multiple approaches and modalities to help your child.

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