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More gains from regular use

Jan 10, 2011 admin Tips 0 comments

WaterWayBabies started out as just that – a water therapy system for babies. Soon, we expanded to include toddlers up to age 5 yrs. And before too long, due to parent requests, we now offer the X-Large neck ring and so far, we don’t even know the upper weight limit. A 13 y.o., 75 lb young man is the largest, oldest to use it thus far!

As time has passed and use has extended to older kids, we are becoming aware of additional health benefits from repeated use over time. (1) One young client now has a cough-gag reflex…something she did not have a year ago before starting WWB therapy. (2) The teen mentioned above has scoliosis, which many special needs kids do – and frozen hips – but its improving because he is able to stretch and move in the water using his neck ring for head support.

Respiratory failure is the most common health complication for children who have compromised motor skills. A cough reflex can be a life and death matter!

Avoidance of corrective surgery for orthopedic deformities is another significant benefit of daily work in therapeutically warm water.

Frequent, daily use is the key. And water temperature of 92-94 degrees F for best benefit. Although, 88-90F may be adequate for older children. Don’t expect miracles right away. But you will see them! Just keep at it. Every child, every diagnosis is different…progress and outcomes vary….

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