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Newly designed size LARGE neck ring

The WaterWayBabies neck ring for older kids and teens was revamped in the Summer 2011 to better accommodate the child who grows taller but due to tonal issues, has a smaller neck circumference. The neck hole now measures about 13 inches (down from 14+) while the overall dimension of the neck ring remains as big as before…giving extra air capacity to support more body weight and also to help balance kids with high tone-spasticity head-throwing behavior. The Large neck ring has been selling well for almost a year now. It fits from about 40 lbs body weight and up. Recently, it was used successfully on a 19 yr old male with quad CP who reportedly weighs about 125 lbs. He could move around in the pool on his own and the neck ring fully supported him even when his feet could not touch the bottom of the pool.

If you order this neck ring for your older, larger teen or young adult, please, please take precaution and make sure it will fully support your teen before letting them venture into the deep end of a pool without adequate human support (i.e., at least 2 persons). Thank you!

By late June 2012, the LARGE neck ring will be available in orange (unisex) without the dolphin logo…for the more mature customer.

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