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Tidbits of News you may not know

Oct 18, 2012 admin Tips 0 comments

— Did you know that getting a flue shot during your pregnancy is not only safe but may also prevent stillbirths, premature delivery, and fewer undersized infants according to a recent study. Canadian researchers studied the records of 55,570 mothers of singletons – of whom, 23, 340 were vaccinated while pg..and found these results. So, next Fall, get your flu shot!! 🙂

— Running a fever during pregnancy is associated with a risk of autism and developmental delays. Taking Advil or Tylenol for fever did not affect this potential outcome. Fever implies an inflammatory response in the body which may play a causative role in autism. The scientists have yet to determine if a particular time in the pregnancy makes a difference. Stay tuned!

— More than 1 in 10 babies is born premature. 1 out of 8 within the US. Prematurity increases the likelihood your baby will have future problems, either physical or cognitive. Early intervention is the key to preventing developmental delays and improving outcomes. Don’t wait for your pediatrician to tell you there is a problem. And if you suspect, even in the slightest, push your child’s doctor to order therapeutic services. Advocate for your child and trust your gut!

— On a happy note, did you know that children smile about 400 times a day??!! Only 1/3 adults smile more than 20 times a day. Smiling reduces stress hormone levels and increases endorphin levels which enhance mood. WaterWayBabies is a happy intervention – meant to be fun and make both your child and you SMILE.

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