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All new website! And other news.

Welcome to my newly updated, more mobile friendly website! I hope you were able to maneuver around it without difficulty. Please let me know otherwise, in case there are kinks to still be smoothed out. Thank you!

Recently, WaterWayBabies has experienced severe encroachment from ‘copycats’. One of these is actually in the U.S., but the others are cheap Chinese look-alikes. However, what you see is not what you get! So, please beware. They are even bold enough to call it the ‘waterway’ neck ring or simply ‘waterway’ ring!! So, it is easy to be misled.

The true and only waterway neck ring comes to you directly from WaterWayBabies, aka Wee Water Ways, LLC. The waterway neck ring is available in 3 sizes, to accommodate infants through adulthood. Sizing information can be found on the order page – or you may email Nancy at nancy@waterwaybabies.com, if you have questions or are unsure which size to order for your child or loved one.

I discourage use with infants younger than 2 months of age due to thermoregulation concerns, in other words….they are still stabilizing their body temps, ability to maintain warmth…and threats to that induce physical stress which can negatively affect blood sugar levels. All to say – don’t!

More and more older adults and the elderly are using my neck rings along with ankle weights in the deep end to fully extend and provide light spinal traction. I love this! It is a huge addition to my already established Alzheimer population who use it with their aquatic/physical therapists. The water environment is both stimulating and healing for our older users.

Thank you for visiting my website if you are new to it! And thanks to ALL for your continued business and support! I learn so much from you and your beautiful special children and loved ones. I would not be here if not for you!

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