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Adults can benefit too!

A few years ago, a PT urged me to market my neck rings to adults.
I resisted because ‘WaterWayBabies’ is so branded. I didn’t want a
new name, a new brochure, etc. Then, one day, yet another PT said
to me, “Oh, you don’t need to do any of that! I just tell my adult
clients that you ‘used to do babies…and now you do adults.’ Wah

Adults have been using the Waterway neck ring for the past 3-4
years. Healthy older (and elderly) women will use it along with
ankle weights and suspend in the deep end of the pool for spinal
traction. Teens and adults have used it specifically to help with
their diagnosis of spondylosis. And, as shared in a previous post,
PT’s are using the waterway neck ring to assist in stabilizing and
supporting their patients with Alzheimer’s and advanced dementia.

Any adult recovering from hip surgery, stroke, COPD,
mastectomy, spinal cord injury…to name a few…should be
receiving aquatic therapy as part of their rehab regime. Tthose
persons who feel less confident in the water or are otherwise
unable to be fully independent in water will benefit from using the
Waterway neck ring.

Hydrostatic pressure while chest deep in water will:

Decrease BP (blood pressure)
Increase volume of blood flow through the heart
Decrease serum levels of inflammatory agents
Lower skin hyper-sensitivity to pressure
Most importantly, increase and improve pulmonary function
(lung health) because the chest wall muscles get stronger by
breathing against the light pressure that water exerts on the
body when submerged.

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