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Sep 16, 2013 admin 0 comments
A Helpful Tip

Research shows that it is better to wrap your loved one in a big warm, fluffy towel upon removal from the water for about 10-15 minutes before drying and dressing to reduce rebound muscle tightness.

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Jul 07, 2013 admin 0 comments
A helpful update, part two

Now, you can choose from THREE different sizes of neck rings: Small should fit infants up to 25 lbs Medium should fit toddlers in between 25-40 Ibs Large should accommodate children up to 40-150 lbs Please note the size you need when you place your order through paypal.

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May 01, 2013 admin 0 comments
The Benefits of Being Upright in the Water

Summer is finally here! From cooling off to just having fun splashing around in the water, summer is the season for swimming! So, what better time is there to talk about one of the many benefits of swimming with a neck ring? One of the most important benefits that WaterWayBabies can provide is holding children upright in […]

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Oct 18, 2012 admin 0 comments
Tidbits of News you may not know

— Did you know that getting a flue shot during your pregnancy is not only safe but may also prevent stillbirths, premature delivery, and fewer undersized infants according to a recent study. Canadian researchers studied the records of 55,570 mothers of singletons – of whom, 23, 340 were vaccinated while pg..and found these results. So, […]

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Jan 10, 2011 admin 0 comments
More gains from regular use

WaterWayBabies started out as just that – a water therapy system for babies. Soon, we expanded to include toddlers up to age 5 yrs. And before too long, due to parent requests, we now offer the X-Large neck ring and so far, we don’t even know the upper weight limit. A 13 y.o., 75 lb […]

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Oct 30, 2009 admin 0 comments
What to order?

I would like to help guide you on whether it is better for you to order the set of products for your child or just the neck ring. Honestly, your child will gain the most from the entire set. The pool has a diameter and a depth that will help your child be upright in […]

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