30-40 mins consult via FaceTime or Skype, AND includes download of the Activities Program ($10.00 value ). By appointment only.

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Is your pool closed and aquatic therapy or adaptive swim lesson on hold? YOU can still provide the benefits of water for your child. Nancy has always offered unlimited (free) online guidance via email. And now adds low-cost, real-time live support.

Nancy Higgs, R.N., WaterWayBabies President and program developer, is here to help! Nancy has over 30 years experience as a nurse with a specialization in maternal-child health and neonatal nursing. Additionally, she is a swimmer, scuba diver, and taught swimming to over 500 students of all ages from infancy through adulthood. In these real-time sessions (probably only one needed), Nancy will guide you step-
by-step, and observe your child to optimally enhance his or her water experience. The parent’s level of comfort and confidence will be a primary focus.

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