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Meet Nancy

Nancy holds a BS in Nursing from The University of Texas at Austin. She used her graduate
studies at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, as a springboard for the
research and development of WaterWayBabies.

Her clinical background in neonatal nursing and neuroscience, combined with her vast swimming
instruction experience (U.S., Canada) led to the development of water therapy concepts and the
creation of WeeWaterWays, LLC, aka WaterWayBabies‚ĄĘ. Now in its second decade,
research and product development are ongoing, helping kids become their strongest selves in over 65 countries around the world.

In Memoriam (1980-2006)

This website is dedicated to Laura Lynch, a special little preemie who first “collaborated”
with Nancy in the early 1980’s. That early experience with Laura provided the initial motivation
and inspiration for Nancy to further explore and better understand how water therapy might be
used to enhance both physical and mental development.

It is the mission of WaterWayBabies to help make the benefits of water therapy available to as
many children as possible.

*Warning: Never leave your child or loved one unattended in the water while using this device.*