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2010: New year, renewed hope

Dear Parents, Family members, and Professional Peers,

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season! 2009 was a hard year for most of us in all sorts of ways…. However, it is a new year with fresh beginnings.

I recently received a heartwarming email from one of my customers who purchased the system back in the summer. You can read what Whitney wrote on my “Testimonial” page! Her experience reminded me to offer reassurance to all of you who strive daily for your child’s gains and improvements. I’ve said this before, but keep the faith and never give up. Sometimes it seems no progress is being made and then, seemingly in an instant, your child experiences a big leap in development or strength or cognition or whatever.

Everything you do counts. So, just do what you can. If you stop, start again. If you slow your pace due to all life’s other pressures, don’t feel guilty. Something is better than nothing…so keep it manageable for YOU. Because if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be your best to take care of your child. I realized this early on as a single mom.

Please share your stories of continued hope and improvement so others can be supported and encouraged. This blog is for you!

WaterWayBabies sales rose almost 300% from summer to fall of 2009! BIG THANKS to all of you who helped spread the word about the benefits of swim therapy for our special children. It is WaterWayBabies’ mission is to help developmentally delayed children around the world.

Blessings to all for a good 2010!

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